Sitticus pubescens (Fabricius, 1775) - Jumping Spider

NA Range Map
Salticidae of North America
Richman, Cutler & Hill 2012

Richman and Cutler cite Kaston as providing the first published North American records for this common and widespread Eurasian species. Kaston's account, however, makes it clear that while he knew of no Connecticut records for Sitticus pubescens the species did occur in Massachusetts: Within the last few years, Kaston relates, Miss Bryant (Elizabeth Bryant, see Anasaitis canosa account) has been finding specimens on brick walls and in the house at her home in Allston, Mass. Bryant's published account includes a detailed description of Sitticus pubescens, specific records for Massachusetts, and a summary of specimens in the museum collection. Kaston also references the illustration that accompanies Bryant's paper.
Richman and Cutler, 1978

Massachusetts - First State / County Records

MA County Map
  • ♦ *E. B. Bryant - Sitticus pubescens - Suffolk (Allston), July 1932 - Bryant, 1941: 143-144
  • ♦ S. Chapin / MCZ - S. p. - Middlesex (Concord), September 2000 - MCZ record #29887
  • ♦ Connecticut - S. p. - Kaston: 1948: 460 This species has not been found in Connecticut.; Kaston, 1981: 953 We now have Connecticut records. 2 records
  • *See above

Bryant, 1941. Notes on the spider fauna of New England. Psyche 48: 143, pl. 48: f. 2a-2c.

S. pubescens