Phidippus regius C. L. Koch, 1846 - Jumping Spider

NA Range Map
Salticidae of North America
Richman, Cutler & Hill 2012

Phidippus is one of two representative genera of North American salticids. This and the fact that several members of the genus are both relatively large and widespread results in these spiders being observed fairly frequently by naturalists. Despite their size and abundance many Phidippus spiders present numerous field identification challenges. P. regius, the present species, which is the largest of North American jumpers is similar to several of its congeners. Three different female forms complicate the task of making a correct identification. Fortunately there are useful references with both illustrations and species accounts to provide help for naturalists. The foremost for Phidippus spiders is Edwards' revision (see under Phidippus audax). Another excellent publication is Common Spiders of North America by Bradley and Buchanan. Bradley has authored what seems to me to be the most useful volume for the generalist since the classic "Golden Guide" Spiders and Their Kin was published by Levi and Levi in 1987. Included in the introduction are overviews of the life history, biology, and behavior of North American spiders followed by chapters on locating and studying spiders and spider identification. All of this material as well as the family and species accounts that follow were written by Richard Bradley with the generalist / naturalist in mind. The salticids are lavishly treated both in the text and in Steve Buchanan's drawings which are are artistically pleasing as well as useful as identification aids. Twelve full page color plates illustrate 58 species of North American jumping spiders including males and females of most with three separate illustrations for P. regius.
Edwards, 2004; Bradley 2012; Levi and Levi, 2001