Hentzia grenada (Peckham & Peckham, 1894) - Jumping Spider

NA Range Map
Salticidae of North America
Richman, Cutler & Hill 2012

The genus Hentzia honors the father of North American arachnology Nicholas Marcellus Hentz. See H. mitrata and H. palmarum for a brief biography. While H. mitrata and H. palmarum are widespread in eastern North America, H. grenada is restricted to Florida and southern Georgia. All Hentzia spiders have an elongate body as well as long, flattened, and forward projecting jaws. The specific name grenada given by the Peckhams seems to be the result of a specimen collected and mislabeled by Kyserling. The location was given as "New Grenada" and refers to Columbia, a country far south of all subsequent records for this spider. Although the individual in the video was found on a wooden bridge (See Habitat Image) H. grenada is typically found on trees and shrubs.
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