Habronattus elegans (Peckham & Peckham, 1901) - Jumping Spider

NA Range Map
Salticidae of North America
Richman, Cutler & Hill 2012

A useful resource for anyone interested in California jumping spiders is Habronattus (Araneae: Salticidae) of California including Baja. After a recent trip to California I went to this site for help with identification of a species I recognized as being in the agilis group; Hedin and Maddison provide three choices. I was able to eliminate H. conjunctus as this species occurs in California deserts and I had found these spiders in the low vegitation growing on coastal bluffs at Carpentria, CA. Leg 1 Although I initially thought these might be H. peckhami Maddison suggested H. elegans and referred me to Griswold's range description and drawing (see at left). H. elegans shows less black on Leg I (Griswold's No. 73) than H. peckhami. And Carpenteria is just south of Santa Barbara, the dividing line between these two central California endemics, with H. elegans to the south. The female shown in the video was found in close proximity to the males and no other Habronattus species were observed.
Hedin & Maddison, 2008; Griswold, 1987