Odds & Ends

Video Acquisition & Online Technologies

Below is a partial list of the tools and technology that I use to acquire and deliver video content to the WWW. All of the major components are readily available and over time the quality of each of these has improved at the same time that costs have decreased. Each component presents one or more significant learning challenges.

- Canon EOS 70D DSLR & EF180MM f/3.5L / Canon XLH1 24P HDV 3CCD Camcorder
- MacPro 2.66 Quad-Core & MacBook Pro Retina 15"
- Final Cut Pro Suite 6, Final Cut Pro X, and Telestream Episode 5.3.1
- Other software: Motion, Adobe Photoshop Elements, BBEdit, QuickTime, Snapz Pro X, ShotPut Pro, SWFObject
- Hosts and Servers: HostMonster, Vimeo, YouTube, Internet Archive, Encyclopedia of Life

Website Development Resources Links

Although the benefits of access to the World Wide Web are generally recognized there is still widespread illiteracy with regards to even the basic skills necessary to create and upload a simple web page. Below are links to a few tools I have found useful for building my website.