The New World Tropics - Chan Chich - Belize

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Neotropical rainforests are among the richest natural areas on earth. Biodiversity reaches its peak in these wonderous and fascinating places. And for the traveler from North America access to an ever-increasing variety of comfortable eco-lodges has never been easier.
Especially helpful for birders, naturalists, and out-of-doors enthusiasts of all stripes, this DVD presents practical advice as well as an abundance of colorful birds, dazzling butterflies, and orchids worthy of a master painter - all in a setting that is nothing less than marvelous.
In this DVD you will visit several of the finest lodges and field stations in Middle America and be introduced to some of the most remarkable animals anywhere. Once you watch the DVD you'll likely want to be on the next plane to Belize, Trinidad, or Costa Rica. Enjoy this wonderful introduction to the tropical rain forest and jungle and then go there.
       -From the Foreword by John Kricher, author of A Neotropical Companion