Thoreau - Speaking for Nature - Spring

Henry David Thoreau DVD Image
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In little more than a decade, near the end of his life, Thoreau transformed his passing interest with nature into a passion and practice that became the focus of his daily activities. Thoreau's plan for his "great work" was nothing less than a comprehensive day-by-day calendar describing the nature of the Concord region. And although his life was cut short, his legacy from that period is astonishing.
This DVD shares a part of that legacy. Walk with Thoreau on an early Spring morning as he delights in the arrival of redwings - calling the river to life and tempting the ice to melt. Follow him into a meadow where the air is liquid with the bluebirds' warble. Join Thoreau as he solves the mystery of his "dream frog," collects starflowers, violets, and marigolds, and tracks the red fox along the river bank.
Thoreau's narrative is contagious, his senses ever alert - the parti-colored tints of autumn leaves, the sweet, wild world embodied in the wood thrush's song, and primitive fragrance of the hay-scented fern. Travel with Thoreau through the "wilds" of Concord and rediscover many of the same delights.